Re: Gtk2::Assistant and Button Access

Brian Manning wrote:
On Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 3:52 PM, Jeffrey Ray <jeffrey jeffreyray info> wrote:
perldoc Gtk2::xxx
Doesn't on my system - I'm running camelbox on vista.

Maybe there's something special about Vista and cmd.exe that's
preventing this from working.  perldoc is just a Perl script that has
been batch-ified so it will run under Windows.  Unfortunately, I don't
have a Vista system to test on to see why it may or may not be



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Yes, I can do that too. In fact all of these ones as well. perldoc is working fine on my system.

What I was saying here:

>I think the documentation should be included in the distribution. I think most perl users expect to be able to say perldoc Gtk2::xxx and get a response - and to be able find documentation for a >module on CPAN. is that I think alot of the things you can find here should be made included with the Gtk2-perl distribution so that I can perldoc Gtk2::Assistant and get some documentation

I'm willing to help make this happen if it is decided to include the pod

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