font problem (bold vs normal)


I have an application which used to render fine under long ago self-built
gtk+-2.12.12 and Gtk2-1.202.

The very important point is that the application does not specify fonts
anywhere in any shape or form, i.e. only default fonts are used. Even more,
I do not know off the top of my head how to specify fonts - never had a need.

I have upgraded from SUSE-10.3 to SUSE-11.1 - this also means upgraded
'qtcurve' desktop theme I am using - the theme is the one coming with
SUSE-11.1 - not self built.

I have rebuilt gtk+ - now it is gtk+-2.14.7. Perl bindings are now the latest ones, e.g. Gtk2-1.221.

Now my application (again, _without_ any specific font setting) has the 
following flaw: some part are rendered in normal font, e.g. text on
buttons, text on frames, and some parts are rendered in bold font - e.g.
labels inside frames. The expected behavior is to have everything rendered
by normal (non-bold) font.

Why is it so ?

Interestingly enough, I also have self-built claws-mail-3.7.3, it is built
against the same self-built gtk+-2.14.7, and claws-mail-3.7.3 does _not_
exhibit the described above font problem.

I am using perl-5.10.0 which came as part of SUSE-11.1.

Any ideas how to debug and fix this ? For example, are fonts specified in 
'qtcurve' desktop theme I'm using ?

Can I query the fonts ? If yes, how ?

Any other ideas ?



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