Re: Toolbar tooltip setter and getter question

On May 24, 2009, at 2:48 AM, Cowley Harris wrote:

Hi All,

I looked through the  gtk documentation and found that the function
gtk_toolbar_set_tooltips () has been depreciated since 2.14 and that I
should be setting "gtk-enable-tooltips" to false instead.

However I can't find that option in gtk2-perl, only the "tooltips"
flag. Which doesn't seem to work either.

It's a property on the settings object, not on the toolbar object.

$toolbar->get_settings->set ('gtk-enable-tooltips' => TRUE);

On an interesting note, updating to gtk+-2.17 and Glib 2.20 has
apparently screwed up gnome for me, I don't have any system menu bars
any more and have to start everything from the terminal.  I kind of
like it in a retro way, but my wife is going to kill me.

It's best to use sandboxes for this sort of thing, for exactly this reason.

To install a nonstandard or development gtk+, use jhbuild. Then you can set up an installation of gtk2-perl in the same installation root, and mangle the environment in shells for which you want to use it. More info:

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