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Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
unless you can
override the deserialization sequence in order to create
an underlying C instance first, otherwise no.

Thanks for confirming that.>

Maybe that would be possible, but not at my
level of knowledge. Thanks for pointing it out.


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When I needed to store the state of my GUI, I wrote a routines which upon encountering widgets converted them 
into their properties, for example:

        $src_ref =~ m/^Gtk2\:\:VScale\=/
     or $src_ref =~ m/^Gtk2\:\:HScale\=/
        $dst_ref = $src_ref->get_value;
      elsif($src_ref =~ m/^Gtk2\:\:ToggleButton\=/)
        $dst_ref = $src_ref->get_active;
        $dst_ref = $src_ref;

So, rather than storing (useless in this case) references I stored the
properties from which the widgets could be reconstituted.

Of course, I have a reverse, i.e. a routine which reconstitutes widgets
from their properties.

I am doing all this not as hooks, but as independent routines, and call
Data::Dumper "as is".



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