Re: Announce - First release of libchamplain's bindings

Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
I finally released to CPAN the first release of libchamplain's bindings
(Download here Libchamplain
consists of a Clutter actor (a canvas) that supports numerous free map
sources such as OpenStreetMap <>,
OpenArialMap<>and Maps
for free <>.


It looks like if the Gtk2/Glib helper methods don't pickup
ChamplainViewEmbed as a valid GType but I don't know how to fix this.

I think this happens because in champlain-perl.h you include champlain-autogen.h before champlain-gtk/champlain-gtk.h. This means that GTK_TYPE_CHAMPLAIN_VIEW_EMBED is not defined when champlain-autogen.h is pulled in, so SvChamplainViewEmbed and newSVChamplainViewEmbed don't get defined.

General rule: include foo-autogen.h after all type macros have been defined.

Another question, are the Perl bindings making a difference for functions
that return "gchar *" instead of "const gchar *"? From my understading any
function returning a "gchar *" should have the string freed by the invoker
while a "const gchar *" should never be freed. Is the bindings code
performing the free for me or should I do it?

No, 'const gchar*' and 'gchar*' are treated the same. If a functions returns a string that the caller is supposed to free, use 'const gchar_own*' or 'gchar_own*'.

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