Re: Wrapping gtk2:buttons

Chris Debenham <chris adebenham com> writes:

2009/6/10 Grant McLean <grant mclean net nz>:

* the Gtk::TextView ...

Ugly - but may work

You might check if it will flow them automatically, I suspect they might
end up in one wide line.

* the Gtk::Layout ...

This would get complicated/slow as it has to be done for up to 150
buttons (for chapters with lots of verses)

A custom container widget might be the way to go.  It could be much
easier than wrestling with cell layout/view/renderer/editable/whatnot.

A "flowed-hbox" seems like a reasonable concept.  In one of my dialogs
I've got a set of parameter entry boxes or check buttons and if there's
a lot I could see them flowed instead of scrolled.

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