Re: gtk2 install issues

On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 1:57 PM, Toon Leijtens<smart_t mac com> wrote:
I'm new to gtk2 and tried to install it on my Mac (it has got Tiger
OSX10.4). My perl is on 5.8.9. I have used Darwin ports to install gtk2
using the following command; "sudo port install gtk2". The install is
without issues but when I go for the little it strands on not
being able to find in @INC. I searched / as root for without
a hit.

Anyone got any idea here what I'm facing. It kind of looks like the install
was incomplete. But what to do next? I also gone through the obvious "sudo
port uninstall gtk2" followed by another attempt of "sudo port install gtk2"
... but without any luck. ... anyone out there who can help?

Under MacPorts, gtk2 is the GTK+ C libraries, which is half of what
you need to run Gtk2-Perl.  The missing piece for you is the p5-gtk2
port, which contains the Gtk2-Perl modules (Glib, Gtk2, Pango, Cairo).
 There are also other Perl modules that you want to install
(Gtk2::GladeXML maybe?).  A 'port search p5-gtk2' should show you
what's available.



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