Re: Notes from building Gtk2-Perl using MinGW/dmake (long)

Brian Manning kirjoitti:
On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 12:34 PM, Ari Jolma<ari jolma gmail com> wrote:
Spicy Jack,

This was a long time ago already. Did you get any reply or feedback? The
latest (May 30 2009) EU::MM still has this problem in MinGW.

I used a patch that you created for EU::Liblist::Kid to work out
library dependencies under MinGW on Windows.  Your patch doesn't
remove the need for creating import libraries for Gtk2, which is being
tracked in a separate RT ticket.

That's how I got to ask this question. The patch works, and probably will make it to CPAN but it would be nice to have a EU::MM which works out of the box.


Does that answer your question?


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