Re: Notes from building Gtk2-Perl using MinGW/dmake (long)

Spicy Jack,

This was a long time ago already. Did you get any reply or feedback? The
latest (May 30 2009) EU::MM still has this problem in MinGW.


Torsten Schoenfeld kirjoitti:
spicy jack wrote:

However, on Windows, the libraries can also have other file
extensions, like '.dll' and '.lib' depending on whether or not they're
a static or import library (see [2] for a discussion of the two).  I'm
currently hacking up ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid to get it to look for more
permutations of library files.  Any suggestions on where to send

EU::MM's RT queue:
<>.  There are
already many open tickets about this and similar issues.  An entry point is

Prof. Ari Jolma
Environmental Management Information Technology
Teknillinen Korkeakoulu / Helsinki University of Technology
tel: +358 9 4511 address: POBox 5300, 02015 TKK, Finland
Email: ari.jolma at URL:

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