Re: Gtk2 1.210 (unstable) available

Thierry Vignaud wrote:
This still doesn't include muppet's work on shrinking big number of relocations done in perl-Gtk2 on startup... :-(

Yes, because the discussion wasn't really conclusive.  The patch is huge,
contains some evil, and the Gtk2.xs part is rather fragile.  When timing this
last year, I found:

[...] a 9% size reduction of the shared object (11MiB -> 10MiB, with
debugging symbols) and a 7% start speedup (0.067s -> 0.062s, measured via
timing many runs of `perl -MGtk2 -e'exit'´).

These numbers don't justify such an invasive change, I think.

Rather, I'm with Kevin: why don't we change xsubpp (or ExtUtils::ParseXS actually) to have an option that makes it declare every xsub (except for the boot xsubs) as 'static'? <>.

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