Re: Hi - popup window vs top_level window

On Jan 18, 2009, at 5:32 AM, Dafna Hirschfeld wrote:

On my main window I want to have an advanced button that when clicked, it opens a new window with advanced options. From what I understood, GtkDialog is used only for small amount of input so it's not suitable for advanced window. So now I wander whether I have to use a popup window or a top_level window, I didn't really get the difference between them.

GtkDialog is fine for both modal and non-modal windows. If you want a window that floats over your app's main window and has buttons on the bottom, then you want a dialog.

You can either use $dialog->run() to make the user interact with it before doing anything else (modal), or just $dialog->show() to let it stay up indefinitely (non-modal).

Popups are borderless windows used for things like tooltips or menus. Very most likely, you don't want a popup.

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