Re: Is there interest in GOption support?

Kevin Ryde wrote:
In the current cvs options.t fails for me with ... [the offending bytes
probably won't get through the mail]

    not ok 19
    #   Failed test at /down/perl-gtk/perl-Glib/t/options.t line 151.
    #          got: 'blAñ'
    #     expected: 'blä'
    ok 20
    ok 21
    not ok 22
    #   Failed test at /down/perl-gtk/perl-Glib/t/options.t line 154.
    #     Structures begin differing at:
    #          $got->[0] = 'AñAñAñ'
    #     $expected->[0] = 'äää'

This is in a latin1 locale LANG=en_AU.  It runs ok with a utf8 one like
LANG=en_IN.  Perhaps some hairiness assigning 'use utf8' wide chars to
@ARGV, versus glib's assumptions?

Hopefully fixed in trunk with r1058.

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