Re: Fun with ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Windows import libraries

Ari Jolma wrote:
1. Patch lib/ExtUtils/Liblist/ with the attached patch (the patch
needs to be offered to guys maintaining ExtUtils::MakeMaker I guess)

2. When building Glib and Cairo, there are the extra steps before make install:

using spicy jack's method:

dlltool --input-def Glib.def --dllname Glib.dll --output-lib Glib.dll.a
copy Glib.dll.a blib/arch/auto/Glib


dlltool --input-def Cairo.def --dllname Cairo.dll --output-lib Cairo.dll.a
copy Cairo.dll.a blib/arch/auto/Cairo

Brian, you wrote that you have been able to abstract the above and add it to the Makefile.PL. How exactly? However, I think this should/could be corrected somewhere in lib/ExtUtils/ and not change the Makefile.PL

3. Now the patch for ExtUtils/ - that's attached

4. Gtk2 installs without problems - at least in my test just now with everything freshly built.

Sorry for responding so late. Are these steps still necessary to get things going on MinGW? Specifically, is the EU::Depends patch of step 3 still necessary?

Does one of you care to create a page with instructions somewhere under <>? And perhaps devise an update for <>?

(We should also really update <>.)

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