Re: CamelBox Error - Entry Point Not Found

2009/1/9 Jeff Hallock <Jhallock wbanda com>:
After installing the latest version of CamelBox and attempting to run, I get this error:

Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point g_bookmark_file_error_quark could not be located
in the dynamic link library libglib-2.0-0.dll.
I am running XP SP3. Prior to installing Camelbox, I had been using
distribution for activstate located at .

So you have two copies of Perl in your %PATH% environment variable, correct?

If you want to use Gtk2-Perl via Camelbox, Camelbox needs to be first
in your %PATH% before any other copies of Perl.  It also needs to be
first before any other GTK apps on Windows, such as Gimp, Pidgeon, and
the like.

There's a dedicated Camelbox list at; I suggest you use that for
any further issues, as I don't want burden the GTK developers with
problems that aren't necessarily theirs.



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