Re: Can't add new GTK 2.16 methods to GtkStyle

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

In generic code, you can never be sure that calling get_property() on
an object will invoke Glib::Object::get_property().  You'd have to
fully specify the method name to be sure.

Really?  It seems a bit un-oop-ish to give a full name, since if I'm not
mistaken it would bypass anyone else's subclassing too (though I can't
think of much besides call snooping that a subclass might legitimately

Would the code in tie_properties() be giving full names?  The unhappy
surprise for a generic bit like tie_properties() would be that
get_property / set_property don't match what list_properties,
find_property and the notify:prop signal name stuff say.

Because there's no properties on GtkStyle I suppose not too much can go
wrong.  But in the worst case you could imagine a different get_property
may even be incompatible for an object inspector, if someone has been
walking all objects with Devel::FindBlessedRefs or the like and hoping
the names from list_properties can be accessed with get_property.

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