Re: GError location filename as wide chars

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

Did you take a look at the filename conversion stuff in Glib
(filename_to_unicode, filename_from_unicode) too, by chance?  Marc
Lehmann says it's totally broken:

I might have seen that a while ago, and couldn't understand.

Having a wild guess: if gperl_filename_from_sv() gets an sv with the
utf8 flag off, then return the contents directly as the bytes, instead
of now spinning it up with sv_utf8_upgrade and down again with

The current sv_utf8_upgrade I guess interprets the bytes as latin1
always, so if your filename locale is not latin1 it won't be the same
when it comes back down to bytes.  Does that sound likely?  Is it the
claimed problem?  Does anyone want latin1 strings as filenames turned
into utf8 if their locale is utf8?  :-)

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