Re: GError location filename as wide chars

Kevin Ryde wrote:
While going through filename bytes versus utf8 in my own program I
noticed this bit of GError which I think is currently concatting utf8
and bytes.

Did you take a look at the filename conversion stuff in Glib (filename_to_unicode, filename_from_unicode) too, by chance? Marc Lehmann says it's totally broken: <>.

I expect anyone with non-ascii in the path to their perl code files is
probably asking for trouble, but I think a filename_display_name() would
at least get it displaying right.

It's a little tricky to test this.  I used the below in a
filename with some utf8, run in a utf8 locale.  Without
filename_display_name() the stringized bit gives an extra "A" etc, per
the usual odour of bad utf8 (or bad odour of utf8, as the case may be

The looks good to me.  muppet?

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