Re: GStreamer on windows

On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 11:57 PM, Jeffrey Ray <jeffrey jeffreyray info> wrote:
Right - that was my first step after getting that error message. There is no
gstreamer-*.pc file anywhere in that directory or below. From what I
understand because package-config wasn't used - as it is a linux utility.

pkg-config is a Gtk/Gnome utility, not a Linux utility.  If you're
using Gtk/Gnome on *ANY* platform, you will be dealing with
pkg-config. A *.pc file is a plaintext file that helps set up the
compiling machine's environment so that you can compile and link
against the libraries for Gtk/Gnome (and friends).

I also i tried adding the bin and lib sub directories of c:/gstreamer, where
the dll's exist to that PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable to no avail.

 *.dll files != *.pc files. PKG_CONFIG_PATH is only used to point to a
directory containing *.pc files.

You need to find the gstreamer-0.10.pc file.  There's a -dev package
on the website you linked earlier, have you installed it yet?  Your
.pc file is probably in there.



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