Re: Gtk2::SimpleList crashes

Peter Daum <gator_ml yahoo de> writes:

Actually, in my case, any array assignment will crash; This is enough:

use Gtk2 -init;
use Gtk2::SimpleList;
my $slist = Gtk2::SimpleList->new ('Stuff' => 'text');
@{ $slist->{data} } = qw(one two three four five six seven);

while the same row by row works:

push @{ $slist->{data} }, $_
  foreach (qw(one two three four five six seven));

The code in the thread that you quoted looks pretty different, but
there is one striking similarity:

When the same code runs under the debugger, it won't crash !

(Now I understand why I had such a hard time debugging my
original code ;-)

works fine with perl-5.10.1 rc1

There were several known issues in 5.10.0 for those we backported fixes
but Debian did too. See patches from :

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