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Hi, muppte,


Thanks for your quick reply!

I have checked my home directory and /usr/local/etc/gtk-2.0, there no such gtkrc files in both directory. It is my first time to install Gtk2 on my Computer, any I didn't set any theme by myself.


The same issue exists on Gtk2::TreeView, which default background is black (the TreeModel is empty, no data was loaded on the TreeView).


I runed /usr/local/bin/gtk-demo, which is a example of gtk. The background is also black.


Attachment is a snapshot of the issue.


Is there any other factor to affect the background?   Thank you very much!



2009/4/20 muppet <scott asofyet org>

On Apr 19, 2009, at 7:40 AM, ÌȲ© wrote:

I used a Gtk2::TextView widget in my GUI, but the default background of the textview is black on my workstation, i have used $wiget->modify_base to change the color to white, but fails, the background still white.  But when i use $widget->modify_text to change the text color, it success.

when i run the same programe on another computer, the default background of the textview is white, which is what i want.

the OS of the two computer are both SUN Solaris 10, my workstation is SPARC, another PC is X86. I wonderder why the same programe can have different background on two similar OS, is there default setting can affect the background?   or what can i do the change the background to white on my workstation?

Do you have a stale gtkrc in your home directory?  A stray setting in there, say from an old theme, could be changing the base color on you.

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