Re: custom model rows-reordered marshal

Kevin Ryde wrote:

I wonder how many stack handling bugs like this still hide in our
PPCODE sections.

Until I realized the plain CODE: ones should be ok I thought it could be
very scary, what with the gazillion callbacks that can get back to perl
from a gtk func.  But if it's only PPCODE then it might be merely a bit
of a pain :-)

I started to go through our code looking for PPCODE sections in modules which
also have _ADD_INTERFACES or _ADD_OVERRIDES.  So far I've found and hopefully
fixed bugs in Gtk2::TreeSortable::get_sort_column_id and
Gtk2::CellLayout::get_cells.  There might be some more in GtkCellRenderer.xs,
GtkWidget.xs, and GtkTreeDnd.xs.  But I think this should be it.

             int n_columns = gtk_tree_model_get_n_columns (tree_model);
+            /* extend the stack so it can handle 'n_columns' items in
+             * total.  the stack already contains 'items' elements so make
+             * room for 'n_clumns - items' more, move our local stack
+             * pointer forward to the new end, and update the global stack
+             * pointer.  this way, xsubs called by gtk_tree_model_get_value
+             * don't overwrite what we put on the stack. */
+            EXTEND (SP, n_columns - items);

gtk_tree_model_get_n_columns can callback on a custom model, so I think

Ugh, of course.  Committed.  Thanks.


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