Re: win32 testers? [Re: child watch source

Sorry, I failed to hit 'reply to all'.

No output errors/warnings after applying '9.t.child-watch-3.diff'.

I attached the output of perl/prove.



2008/9/10 Kevin Ryde <user42 zip com au>:

ok 25 - in timeout handler
GLib-CRITICAL **: g_main_loop_unref: assertion `g_atomic_int_get (&loop->ref_count) > 0' failed.
ok 26 # skip, no fork: perlfork fakery

Is that assertion my doing from the fork?  Some cloning oddity?
Would it go better to try the fork at the start of the program.  Or
perhaps look at some combination of the Config module d_fork, d_vfork,

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