Re: (like) wget in gtk2::progressbar

anguila wrote:
I want to download a file (via http) and see this progress in a a
gtk2::progressbar. Until now, i used wget, because it have progress bar,
download ratio, filesize, etc...
How can I download a file and get data to put in progressbar widget? Can I
use wget? I should us another module? Which?

wget has an option to use dots to show download status instead of a progress
meter; each dot represents a fixed amount of data.  If you can figure out what
it means by that, and how to find out what the expected amount of data is,
then you should be able to use wget without any problems.

I search into the net, and I see something like this, but the command was
cp, and it use strace, i think there must be a better way to do that...

I once wrote a progress widget for scanning with sane, which simply looked at
the size of the file on disk, compared with the size implied by the PPM

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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