Re: Fun with ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Windows import libraries

Apologies, I just realized I hit 'reply' instead of 'reply to all' for
the below.  A month late :/

2008/9/10 Ari Jolma <ari jolma tkk fi>:
Brian, you wrote that you have been able to abstract the above and add it to
the Makefile.PL. How exactly? However, I think this should/could be
corrected somewhere in lib/ExtUtils/ and not change the Makefile.PL

My patches to various Makefile.PL's are in my SVN tree [1].  My
patches are to have the import libraries built automatically.  They
don't fix the problem with the module where it can't find the
correct libraries.  My additions to build the import libraries are in
the wrong place in the Makefile.PL though; look for Torsten's comments
earlier in this thread about the proper place to add this extra stuff
for the import libraries to the Makefile.  I haven't spent the time
trying to make it work the way he suggested.

I have also looked at the differences between building using VC++
(which is what Torsten uses and he doesn't need to build import
libraries) and MinGW (how I do it and I do need to build import
libraries), and I've got a few ideas on that as well.  There's a page
on Red Hat's website [2] that has the best explanation I've found so
far about what's going on.  Again, I haven't tried to apply it
anywhere yet though.




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