Re: Dragging a Canvas::Line with the mouse?

zentara wrote:
On Thu, 19 Jun 2008 16:05:56 -0700
walt<w41ter gmail com>  wrote:

Thanks for another wonderful reply.  If the timestamps on your messages
are correct, you took 9 minutes to come up with that code.  Please tell
me you cut and pasted it from somewhere ;o)

I'll need to study your code for a while before I understand it, but I
can tell already that it will be close to what I need, anyway.

It's perfect for what I need, and light years better than what I was
intending to do.

Yeah, I took the dragging code from the demo.
Also, I've been working alot with the Canvas lately,
so it was fresh on my mind...

Thanks for mentioning the demo.  It's a great resource and I didn't know
about it.

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