Re: The syntax of Gnome2::Canvas::Line?

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zentara wrote:

I just posted a recent question about making polylines on a Goo::Canvas,

Yes, thanks!  Without it I don't think I would have found the example I
cited in my question.

Gnome2::Canvas::Line makes it easier by setting the points option as default.

my $points = [10,10,100,100,250,50];

my $line2= Gnome2::Canvas::Item->new ($root,
             points =>  $points,

Hm.  That example would have been very helpful if I'd seen it earlier.
I don't see it in the sourceforge online docs -- did you write it yourself?

I took it out of the demo, and modified it.  The demos are where
you find the real code examples.  I just take what is in the demo, and start
experimenting.... working around error messages, until I find what works.

Speaking of docs, the online docs do refer to Gnome2::Canvas::Points. Does
that imply the existence of a Points.pod file somewhere?  I can't find it
anywhere online or in the Canvas tarball.

I havn't seen docs for Gnome2::Canvas::Points. But I would assume it is just
an object wrapper for the array reference of point pairs. 

Goo::Canvas has a doc for Points, but it is basically empty. As you can see from my
PolyLine waypoint example, Goo::Canvas::Points is just an object wrapper around
the array_ref. It only has the new method, and dosn't seem to allow modification.
The problem being that a Goo PolyLine needs a Points object to modify the line,
it won't just let you redefine the array_ref. Whereas the Gnome2::Canvas::Line
does allow modification of the array_ref without the object wrapper.
 But the Goo is still in development, so I let it slide. :-)   
I'm just glad the author has made a Perl module for it.


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