Re: Camelbox, April Fool's Day edition available

spicy jack kirjoitti:

I've just posted a new release of Camelbox.  Camelbox is "a complete
build of Perl for 32-bit Windows that includes a nice Windows
installer, all of the core Gtk2-Perl modules (Gtk2, Glib, Cairo), as
well as their equivalent C libraries compiled for Windows."

Thanks. Looks quite much what I'd like to have.

Installation instructions:
Basic usage instructions:
Mailing list:

Why not on this list?

What's new:

* An installer!
* Perl 5.10
* gtk+-2.12.8, glib-2.14.6, cario-1.4.14
* Gtk2-1.182, Glib-1.182, Cairo-1.045
* LWP and YAML Perl modules from CPAN
* Extra binaries and utilities

What's missing from previous releases:

* Gnome2::Canvas, Gtk2::GladeXML
* glade3

Hmm, I will need Gtk2::GladeXML.

I have a bit older GTK+ DLLs in my machine and it used those by default. Maybe you should put c:\camelbox\bin first into the PATH.

I'd like to try compiling my stuff (GDAL DLL, Gtk2::Ex::Geo, etc) into Camelbox and make them also installable with your installer - how could I do that?


Figure another release in a week or so once I get what's missing in
this release compiled and packaged.

Thoughts/comments/flames welcome.


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