Re: Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry details

Chas Owens wrote:
On 9/10/07, Dave Howorth <dhoworth mrc-lmb cam ac uk> wrote:
It works fine, except that certain strings, such as '....' or '----',
don't appear in the popup list when they're part of the array.

Could you provide a small, but complete, program that has this
problem.  It will help us track down the issue.

Ah, thank you! It was brain failure on my part. That widget is not a
ComboBoxEntry at all, it's an Entry with an EntryCompletion and the
missing strings are filtered out by the completion system.

Thanks for waking me up. Sorry for the noise.

Any pointers about controlling or discovering the size of the popup list
would still be welcome but I guess that's almost certainly a question
for the gtk-app-devel-list.

Cheers, Dave

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