Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry details

I'm not sure whether these questions apply to the Perl binding or the
underlying toolkit. I'm using a Gtk2::ComboBoxEntry, which is generally
working well and I'm trying to fine-tune the interface. There's a couple
of issues that I don't understand.

Firstly, some strings don't show up in the popup list. I'm using a
Gtk2::ListStore model and I populate it like this:

  for (my $i=0; $i < @$names; $i++) {
      my $iter = $list_store->append;
      $list_store->set($iter, 0, $names->[$i]);

It works fine, except that certain strings, such as '....' or '----',
don't appear in the popup list when they're part of the array.

Secondly, I'm managing the contents of the list dynamically, because
there are too many possible choices, and I'd like to always display the
popup without a scroll bar. I haven't managed to find a description of
how the presence of the scroll bar is managed. I'd like to be able to
set it to a particular value, but I could live with knowing what the
value is. The popup always displays 15 items on my system. But is it
guaranteed to do that on every system and for every version of gtk+?

Thanks and regards,

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