Re: multiple-item drag-and-drop

On 03/09/07, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
[signals emitted differently in real code versus example, and based
on whether the callbacks do real work]

Check the return values on your signal handlers.  For signals with
non-void returns, are you using explicit returns?  Are you returning
false and true in the right places?  (The manpages list the type
signatures of each signal in their "SIGNALS" sections.)

I thought something like that and looked long and hard at them. But
the answer seems to be the order of:

$slist -> set_reorderable( TRUE );
$slist->drag_source_set('button1-mask', ['copy', 'move'], $target_entry);
$slist->drag_dest_set(['motion', 'highlight'], ['copy', 'move'], $target_entry);

i.e. set_reorderable( TRUE ); MUST be called before both
drag_source_set and drag_dest_set.

Bizarre. Is this a bug or a feature?


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