Re: Suggestion for gtk2-perl port for win32

On Tue, 2007-10-02 at 01:38 +0800, Ye Wenbin wrote:

When I build Gtk2 in windows, the main obstacle is some simple errors in  
For example, execute some one line perl code use single-quote, and use  
module which may lead to some unknown errors. So I suggest the MakeHelper  
so make some change to make the Makefile portable. For example, avoid to  
single-quote, use double-quote instead, and inside the string, use qq()  
of double quote. And use Data::Dumper but Storable. The file will get a  
larger, but if choose a small indentation, it is not so big. More over, the
Dump result is more readable.

If you can provide a patch that implements your suggestions, and doesn't
break the build on other platforms, we'd be pleased to apply it to fix
those problems.

By the way, is there any advise for error "the command is too long" when  

If I remember correctly, the cause for the long lines was related to the
automatic documentation generation.  So passing "disable-apidoc" to
Makefile.PL when running it should help.  But you lose the API docs, of


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