File::BaseDir and File::DesktopEntry 0.03 released


Not directly Gtk2 related, but might be of interest to people building desktop applications in Perl: Last week I released File::BaseDir 0.03 and this weekend that is followed by File::DesktopEntry 0.03.
Both can be found on cpan.

File::BaseDir can be used to find data, config and cache files in the correct search paths as specified by the Freedesktop base directory specification. It is advised that desktop applications respect these search paths.

File::DesktopEntry can be used to manipulate ".desktop" files. Essentially it is used to find and execute other programs on the desktop. This release adds write capability, so it can now also be used to save desktop files for cusomt commands etc. or to manipulate the contents of the desktop menu.

I plan to release Gtk2::Ex::OpenWithMenu and Gtk2::Ex::OpenWithDialog in a couple of weeks. These will use the DesktopEntry and MimeInfo classes to generate an "open with" menu for an arbitrary file (e.g. to be used in a context menu) and an "open with" dialog (which allows setting a custom command etc.). Have a look at Gtk2::Ex::DesktopEntryMenu in the zim source code [1] to get an idea how this will work.


Jaap Karssenberg <pardus cpan org>

[1] htp://

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