Re: Problem building Gtk2 using MinGW/dmake on Windows XP

"spicy jack" <elspicyjack gmail com> writes:

which caused me to add dll's to EXTRALIBS and LDLOADLIBS in the
Makefile, which got Glib and Cairo compiled.  The same trick is not
working for Gtk2.  Here's the output when I run the 'dmake' command


I remember how painfull it was when I built these modules with dmake.
If it's of any help:

My current module versions:
Cairo 1.041, Gtk2 1.146, Glib 1.144
Because there's a problem with Cairo symbols, check the following:

Cairo Makefile has the key lines starting with EXTRALIBS and
LDLOADLIBS, append the following text:

C:\GTK\lib\libpangocairo-1.0.dll.a C:\GTK\lib\libcairo.dll.a

and include an aditional line in the $(INST_DYNAMIC) section (following
$(LD) line:

$(LD) -o Cairo.dll $(LDDLFLAGS) $(LDFROM)
-Wl,-out-implib,blib/arch/auto/Cairo/libCairo.a $(EXPORT_LIST)

The same way other modules were built (Glib, Gtk2).

Gtk2 Makefile.PL also needs another fix:
line with 'if /Glib.lib/i' should read 'if /libGlib.a/i' and
line with 'if /Cairo.lib/i' should read 'if /libCairo.a/i'.



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