Segfault with a combo with 3 columns

I've attached a short script which produces a crash ( segfault ) for me when an item in a combo is selected.

The demo has 2 combos / models.

The 1st, 'good' model, has a Glib::Int column, and 2 Glib::String columns. This works fine.

The 2nd, 'bad' model, has a 2 Glib::Int columns, and a Glib::String column.

When an item is selected in the 2nd combo, I get a segfault. This happens if the user selects an item with the mouse, or if the item is selected in code, ie:
$widget->set_active_iter( $iter );

Note that I'm ONLY loading numeric data into the 2nd column.

My hunch is that this is a gtk+ bug, and not related to the bindings. Am I right?

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Description: Perl program

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