Re: ComboBox and Tooltips

Thanks, Chas, for the workaround.

On 23/03/07, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
Yet again, the answer is "there is nothing in the bindings that would
cause this sort of behavior, so this is a gtk+ issue."

To wit, i see the exact same behavior from this transliteration of
your perl code to C (feel free to include it in your bugzilla
report ;-):

Unfortunately, for reasons I don't fully understand, it seems to be a
feature, rather than a bug:

The developer's comment was "Supporting tooltips on combobox items
depends on support for tooltips in tree view (think list-mode)."

Does anyone have any further insight on this? I use tooltips quite a
bit and having to wrap each one in an EventBox is going to be rather


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