Re: From Tk to Gtk

Hi Judith,

* Judith <jaltamirano correolux com mx> [2007-03-05 19:15]:
Hello every body I'm currently programming under perl Tk, but I
want to move to perl Gtk, I want to know the diffrences between
these two and wich is the last version of Gtk, thanks in

the biggest difference is probably that with Gtk2, you have a
fighting chance of writing tidy code. Tk is really effective at
making the application source code incredibly ugly.

I know thatâs not much help :-), but I donât really have much to
add to what has already been said about the technical differences.

Gtk2 and Tk represent very different ways of doing the same
thing. Tk is easier for small stuff, but it gets nasty very
quickly. Gtk2 has more explicit indirection, so there is more
coding overhead, sometimes a lot more; this is particularly
noticable in small programs. However it makes it easy to divide
the code into pieces that have exactly one responsibility, which
makes it tremendously easier to write large programs with less
code and cleaner code than Tk allows.

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <>

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