Re: From Tk to Gtk

It's a really big question whether 'glade' is handy or not - depends on the mission

I used 'glade' for partial prototyping, but since my GUI has a lot of sliders.
I decided to explicitly code them all in loops.

Anyway, 'glade3' seems to be better than just 'glade'.

I would recommend to have a close look at

- from a brief glance I find it much closer to my Perl style, which is full of
nested scopes, anonymity and hierarchical data structures - the strong sides of
Perl IMO.


--- Pascal Giard <evilynux gmail com> wrote:

I'm quite surprised no one has suggested using Glade yet.
It's a very easy way to create your graphical interface.

Honnestly, gtk2-perl and Glade have been a killer combo for me.
It allowed me to build up prototypes or applications very quickly
without much pain (i won't mention the localization stuff that is
still abit weird).

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