Re: From Tk to Gtk

Unfortunately, you're not talking about a conversion so much as a

Widget packing is different, but it's just a bit of rethinking.

The biggest differences I encountered is you don't bind variables to
your widgets.  You are probably used to supplying a variable reference
to your widgets, and having any changes automatically change on screen.
You can't do this in Gtk2.

You are going to have to explicitly set the values in a widget, and then
explicitly get it back out.  It's a bit more typing, and requires you to
think about your program flow a little more finely, but it's all to the

You'll find Gtk2 much faster, prettier, and useful.  The only problem is
the learning curve is a bit steeper.  There's lots of help to be had
here on the list though.

Feel free to email me directly if you have specific questions.  I have
worked up some Gtk2-perl equivalents to Perl/Tk's 'Lab' widgets such as
LabEntry, LabComboBox, etc.  They're workable, but not really ready for

Good luck, and welcome.


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