Re: wrong mapping of Gtk2::TreeModelSort->convert_child_iter_to_iter()

Honza Holeèek wrote:
Hello Gtk2-Perl Team,

I've encountered the bug described at lists debian org/msg301434.html
It's not too old and I don't want to push you :) I just want to make sure
you're aware of this bug and it will be fixed eventually ;). I am sorry for
possible redundancy. The link is the only reference to this bug I've found
even if the bug seems to be there for quite a long time (since 1.102 at

What a coincidence...  i fixed that bug yesterday.  :-)

I'm embarrassed by the delay, but i've been, erm, busy.

It's fixed in HEAD, should be in the next stable release series.  Since the
function doesn't work, it could reasonably be ported back to the current
stable series.

muppet <scott at asofyet dot org>

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