wrong mapping of Gtk2::TreeModelSort->convert_child_iter_to_iter()

Hello Gtk2-Perl Team,

I've encountered the bug described at
http://www.mail-archive.com/debian-bugs-dist lists debian org/msg301434.html
It's not too old and I don't want to push you :) I just want to make sure
you're aware of this bug and it will be fixed eventually ;). I am sorry for
possible redundancy. The link is the only reference to this bug I've found
even if the bug seems to be there for quite a long time (since 1.102 at

The above link also suggests a clean fix of the bug, it's all there. You
can also find a patch attached to this mail. 

Thank you and best regards,
Honza Holeček

Honza Holeček, FI MU
holecek fi muni cz

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