Re: failed test when installing Cairo on windows

On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 23:57 -0800, T.J. Ferraro wrote:
*alloc/free is not safe. You should be using New* and Safefree for 
*alloc/free calls. I remember the same problem being resolved in DBD-Pg 
a little while back.  The attached diff is against 1.044. At first I 
only changed the calloc/free calls, which were responsible for the test 
failure on windows. But then I also noticed you had 4 malloc/free calls 
lying around. Although they were causing no test failures I figured 
while I was at it I might as well fix those, as well. Feel free to drop 
those changes if you disagree =)

Wow, thanks a lot!  Patch applied to the stable branch and to HEAD of
CVS.  I'll roll a new stable release soon, too.


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