Re: GtkImageView

On 06/12/2007, muppet <scott asofyet org> wrote:
So, yes, the upstream library doesn't *need* to provide the
enumeration GType, but it saves everybody else work if it does.  Also,
if and when he does add this upstream, you'll have to change your
bindings to retain compatibility.

OK. That argument has been won. Björn says he'll provide the GType
when he has time (didn't say when that would be!).

Now, the SvGTypeName symbols are typically does as macros, not
functions.  In fact, your earlier email showed this symbol defined as
a macro.   This all suggests that the compiler is not seeing the
SvGtkImageTransp macro and is instead trying to call it as an
undefined function.  Do you see any compiler warnings to this effect
when building the extension?  Are you including the header that
defines this macro in your .xs file?

I think so. I've committed what I have done to date:

As I said, the basic widget and the main methods work. The test suite
(such as it is) and the enum don't.

I'd be grateful if someone would tell me what I've missed with the
enum and whether I have dropped any major clangers before I carry on.



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