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muppet kirjoitti:
On Apr 22, 2007, at 5:13 PM, Grant McLean wrote:

I haven't looked at the one-liners in the gtk-perl Makefile though.

I know that some of the link commands are too long for the windows shells, which could be fixed by changing repeated qq()'s to single qw ()s in the generated Makefile. With the growth in the number of source files since the last time i worked on a windows build, it may be to the point where we need another solution.

I've often succesfully replaced long lists with short ones like "xs/*.o".

One way to deal with the long lines (and one liners) is to say "nmake /n > make.bat" and then manually edit the make.bat. But I wonder how people in general deal with them when Makemaker routinely makes oneliners that don't work in cmd.exe. Do they use another shell or what?



It's all very complicated and would take a scientist to explain it.
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