Re: Problems with signals and object destruction

muppet wrote:
The situations you want to watch out for are:

- Any form of circular reference.  Avoid keeping references to yourself.
- Take care with closures, and they can hide references to objects and create reference cycles.
- NEVER override DESTROY on a Glib::Object, ...

Could someone give an example of the second point here? The other two
are concrete and therefore easier to understand and implement. The "take
care" and "can hide" parts of the second make me less certain that I
know what to look for.

Searching the archives for "circular and closure" gives no hits. Is
there a way to point Google at the list?

... Linux is often a little bit more forgiving about such things than windows.

Just curious--any idea why that might be?

I would've guessed the asymmetry might arise from some lingering
glitches in win32 Perl or Gtk.


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