RE: Blocking signals

First, you're trying to pack $button into $vbox twice.

I'm throwing together my demo problems too quickly!

GLib-GObject-WARNING **: gsignal.c:1735: instance `0x9aceab0' has no
handler with id `28' at line 28.

You're trying to block and unblock the right signal id on the wrong

$slist -> {signalid} = $slist -> get_model ->  signal_connect(...);
 $slist->signal_handler_block($slist -> {signalid});
 $slist->signal_handler_unblock($slist -> {signalid});

Change those to   $slist->get_model->signal_handler_block()   and
$slist->get_model->signal_handler_unblock()   and you'll be in business.

As indeed I am. Thanks!


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