Re: Display control with Gtk2 and Glade2

> Glade is not good for repetitive items - it doesn't know how to generate
> a loop - that was one of my concerns.


Glade can be used for loops if you do the actual looping yourself. I've got several glade files that contain a main window and a 'helper' window - the helper never gets created, but the tables/vboxes/hboxes/whatevers inside it have identifying names and I just do something like:

# Note - freehand code. Probably won't run properly :)
# Build the main window
my $mainglade = Gtk2::GladeXML->new('path/to/file', 'MAIN_WINDOW_NAME');
# Name a container in glade-2 something you can get
my $container = $mainglade->get_widget('LOOP_VBOX');
my @subglades;
for my $i (1..$n) {
  # Make sure glade only builds the container, not its window
  my $subglade = Gtk2::GladeXML->new('path/to/file', 'WIDGET_NAME');
  push @subglades, $subglade; # for later access
  # Add this repetition into the container

Now you've got a vertical list of repetitive glade objects that you only needed to build (in glade 2) once. To access individual widgets inside the looped part all you need to do is:



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