Re: Closing a Glade Window

Cyril Cheneson wrote:
Hi all,

I m writing an application in Perl/gtk

I have some gtk code which display an icon in the system tray and when
rightclicking, a menu appears.

When clicking on an item from the menu, it should display a dialog
window made with Glade.

But I have trouble closing the window created from the Glade file
(XML) as using Gtk2->main_quit will quit from the main application
(launched when the icon is in the system tray).

My question is : how to close the window (from the Glade file) without
quitting the main application?

I hope I was clear enough.



Hi Cyril

I would like to write an app that can put an icon in the system tray too, but I couldn't find out how. Can you please you give me some pointers on how to do this? Or a piece of example code please.

Regards Neil.

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