RE: Directory/file browser as TreeView

Hi Aristotle,

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to take my code apart and teaching me (and probably nearly everyone else) 
about good software design.

31:  $process->( $pathname, sort +( no_upwards @content ) );

What's the "+" for?

I, too, had no idea what this was for. Is there another way of writing this in one line?

Of course in this case you can just as well use curlies to
disambiguate. I just prefer this notation for my own (irrelevant

I'm being dumb. How do you can you rewrite this with curlies?

Yes. The prototype lets you write

    someutil( sub { ... }, $more, @args );

a bit shorter as

    someutil { ... } $more, @args;

Do you pass a sub to a sub like this often? I'd not seen this before either. I haven't been able to find 
anything in perldoc about it. Is there any documentation anywhere?



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