Re: Gtk2->show_about_dialog() bug

* A. Pagaltzis <pagaltzis gmx de> [2006-11-24 04:10]:
Despite the amount of effort I put in it seems I can only
dredge up mailinglist posts, though, not anything solid, like,
say, some piece of official documentation.

IRC comes through: itâs in section 5.5 of the GCC 3.3 manual, eg.
Reading that, it doesnât fit the purpose at hand.

libffi doesnât seem to have more documentation that the README:
And the README explicitly states that it doesnât support vararg
functions yet.

So no. gtk_show_about_dialog() will have to be reimplemented in

Maybe someone can talk to the gtk+ folks about this? They should
consider the âbindabilityâ of things they put in the library,
after allâ the varargs function is just for C hacker convenience
after all; it should be a wrapper that calls a function that uses
a plain olâ data structure, so that C hackers can use whatâs
convenient while infrastructure people can bind whatâs bindable.

Aristotle Pagaltzis // <>

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