Saving a whole canvas from a scrolled window

I would appreciate to hear about any comment ( or bugs) 
in this script.
In Perl/Tk, there is the nice postscript method for saving
an entire, yet unviewable canvas. 
So here is an attempt to simulate that for the Gnome2::Canvas
(which is in a scrolled window), by sliding thru the scrolled
window, taking small snaphots, then stitching them together.

As always, the sourcerer's apprectice may not entirely
see all the possible pitfalls of his magic, so any comments,
bugs, or logic improvements would be welcome.

I divide the cavas-width by the viewable-width and the get
rows, columns, and leftovers on the edges.

I first slide thru all the "whole rows and columns" then pick
up the leftovers afterwards. It seems repetitive( maybe clumsy),
but it is straight forward and easier to trouble shoot.
I'm sure there is a way to make this loop more concise.

See attachment.


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Attachment: canvas-stitched
Description: Binary data

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